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May 25, 2012 | 9:46 AM

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Grameen America Opens in California

April  marked the launch of Grameen America’s operations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We cannot be more excited!  Each  Borrower is a true entrepreneur with a vision and a plan to get there.  Now these individuals have the assistance of affordable capital and group support with a hand up from Grameen America.

The dynamic Grameen America team, led by Branch Manager Rashidull Alam is located in Fruitvale, CA,  and will provide our holistic poverty alleviation products: microloans, savings, credit building and financial literacy.   

Mr. Alam  joins us from  his recent microlending leadership in  Zambia.  He became an expert in the Grameen model through his experience working with Professor Yunus and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

Oakland  is an important focus for Grameen America and our supporters since as many as  22% of the residents’ income  fall below the poverty line.  We are pleased to join the committed group of microlenders and  organizations serving the Bay Area and California who are dedicated to providing much-needed services and opportunities to those in need. 

We will keep you informed from the field with more photos and stories of Borrowers’successes!


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