Borrower of the Month: Lissette

November 1, 2012 | 12:19 PM

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Lissette is a member of Grameen America’s Upper Manhattan Branch in New York and works as a hairdresser. Before joining the program, Lissette had no credit history, which forced her to borrow money from a loan shark who charged a hefty $2,000 fee on top of exorbitant monthly interest payments. In order to pay back the loan, Lissette made unbelievable sacrifices: she lost her house and the small salon that she owned.

Lissette turned to Grameen America for help. Now in her second loan cycle, Lissette has restarted her career and has recovered hope for a brighter future for herself and her four dependent children.

Borrower of the Month: Teodora

October 1, 2012 | 9:42 AM

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Teodora poses at the cash register in her Omaha restaurant.
Teodora joined Grameen America’s Omaha branch in Aug 2009. Prior to Grameen, her family income was less than $15,000. With her first loan of $1,500, she opened up a small restaurant in South Omaha. Teodora has focused on growing her business through quality food and service ever since. Now on her 4th loan of $4,000, she has raised her family income by $9,000 and established a formal credit score of 655. Today, Teodora is an accomplished business woman with and has the storefront to prove it!

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