Nancy Turns Her Artistic Passion Into Income

March 22, 2012 | 12:21 PM

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Support from her Grameen America group turned Nancy’s creative skills into a thriving business.

STORY: Nancy was an aspiring artist with nowhere to turn for the capital she needed for materials. She always believed that her passion for art could one-day generate income she needed to help support her family. Encouragement from her Grameen America group gave Nancy the courage to start an at-home artist studio; a microloan gave her the capital to invest in her new enterprise. Nancy produces aluminum embossed prints, paints, and frames these original pieces of art. Her repeat clients include friends, family, local restaurants and churches; now she is looking to local craft and art shops as outlets. Nancy sees a long-term relationship with Grameen America, returning for larger loans, building stronger credit and a dream of starting her second business in catering.


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