The US Does Have Many Entrepreneurs, The Market Just Boxed Them Out!

January 10, 2012 | 12:39 PM

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I recently came across a Forbes Op-Ed Piece, “The US is a Very Entrepreneurial Economy: It Just Doesn’t Have Many Entrepreneurs” by Tim Worstall. Based on the numbers, the US has fewer startups, fewer small businesses, and fewer one-man businesses than in Europe. While the US has many more, what he dubs, “’innovative entrepreneurs’”, those who introduce a new product to change the world, the US falls far behind in self-employment.

Yet, burgeoning entrepreneurs walk into Grameen America's doors every day.

The US has an abundance of entrepreneurs whom lack the financial resources to bring their ideas to market. With over 50 million people in the US unbanked or underbanked, access to startup capital is a socio-economic privilege.

Maybe not all Grameen America clients have the vision and skills to become an “innovative entrepreneur”, but with greater financial inclusion, they just might surprise you!


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