Crowdsourcing for Grameen

January 18, 2012 | 11:28 AM

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Lisa Hammond, the "Barefoot CEO", and her family have a wonderful holiday tradition of giving “gifts that give back”. Last year they gifted a goat, drinking water, and seed capital  for a Haitian small business. This year Lisa participated Crowdrise's "12 Days of Giving" campaign to support Grameen—raise $2K and Lisa bungee jumps!

The "Barefoot CEO", huh?
A sleep deprived CEO, I arrived at the office and realized I had literally forgot to put on shoes that morning. I attended a very important meeting in my bare feet. The name's been with me ever since...

Fill us in on your family’s holiday tradition.
Giving back has always been very important to me.  It is the thing I most want to instill in my children. 
The kids get very creative—some years we find ourselves opening the gift of a water buffalo from Heifer International, or an eco group trying to help rebuild Haiti. This year, as you know I was passionate about Grameen America.
 It is really inspiring to see what we give each other and it is very rewarding to know that our holiday gifts will make a difference to these organizations throughout the year.   
A female entrepreneur yourself, what simple lesson can you offer our borrowers?  
Too often women don’t give themselves enough credit for all the skills and talents they have.  They discount the many years they have raised kids or volunteered at their child’s school or taken care of an aging parent.  All of these things prepare you to run a business too. 
In what ways has Prof. Yunus inspired you?
Prof. Yunus is a living example that one person can and does make a difference.   He inspires us to take action.  When you see something that isn’t right, and you have an idea, act. The difference he has made will be felt for generations. 
So did you bungee jump after all?
Not yet…  but my kids won’t rest until I do!
If you could create a tweet that describes your own mission, what would it be?
Helping people find and follow their passions.  Reinventing the American Dream.  Less Stuff, More Living, Less Collecting, More Giving


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