The GlobalGiving Challange

December 10, 2010 | 5:16 AM


Grameen America is participating in GlobalGiving’s December open challenge where we have until December 22nd (13 days) to raise $3,900 from 46 unique donors. There are quite a number of fund-raising websites online but few have the credentials of GlobalGiving, which has helped over 3,000 non-profits raise nearly $34,000,000 from over 122,000 donors in eight years.

One of the reason’s GlobalGiving has been able to sustain such a great track record of matching donors to non-profits is because of their open challenge system. Instead of picking and choosing which non-profits to allow on the site, they leave it in the non-profits hands to showcase their outreach abilities. Once a non-profit has fulfilled the challenge it can stay on the GlobalGiving site for good and take advantage of its vast network.

Grameen America’s long-term goal is to raise $75,000 for 50 first-time loans of $1,500 but first we must secure a spot on the website. We will need as much help as possible to fulfill the open challenge goals.

If you believe in Grameen America’s work, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! We need everyone who follows us on Twitter and Facebook to step up and make this happen.

Although we would like to raise as much money as possible, the amount of unique donations is just as important as capital raised towards the fulfillment of full time residence on GlobalGiving. No amount is too small, it just matters that you give something so your donation can be counted.

If you cannot donate money, you can still help! Forward the link to our GlobalGiving page or re-tweeting our messages, you are spreading awareness and that is the most important factor to making this work: the more people who know about it, the better chance we have to fulfill our goal.

Together we can make this challenge a success and be able to translate the funding raised into loans for many new entrepreneurs in the future! Check our page out below:

The Grameen America Team


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