Notes From the Field With GA Intern Alexandra from St. Johns University

September 23, 2010 | 3:06 PM

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Grameen America has partnered with St. Johns University & the Ozanam Scholars for the second year. This year, Ozanam Scholars are working with Grameen America Center Managers in the field in New York City. Take a look at Alexandra’s first blog post and be sure to check back weekly to see what she’s up to!

Hey everyone. I’ve been interning for Grameen for about two weeks now and already my experiences have been interesting. Last Monday my fellow intern Annysa and I went out into the field, handing out flyers—trying to connect with potential clients.

I’ll be honest I was intimidated at first. I’m not a native Spanish speaker. I learned it in high school and let me tell you that that type of Spanish is not how most people actually talk. Adjusting to speaking like a native speaker and being able communicate with people is going to take me a little time but it’s absolutely worth the effort.

I already love getting out and meeting people, listening to their aspirations and trying to help them. I was only handing things out for a few hours, but I feel like I’m working for something bigger than myself—towards a greater good. I can’t wait until I really learn how to do this job well.


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