Grameen America Week: Grameen U Events!

September 30, 2010 | 5:53 PM


To raise awareness about Grameen America week, our Grameen U chapters all chipped in to spread the word. Check out what went on at their campuses and maybe they'll inspire you to go out and spread the word too!

University of Wisconsin-Madison

We combined this event with our kickoff meeting for the semester, giving prospective members information about our group and our recent collaboration with Grameen America. We hope to see many of them at our next meeting!


McGill's SNED (Student network for economic development) hosted a bakesale in the Desaultes Faculty of Management lobby to support Grameen America as part of our celebration and to publicize about our events and the power of microfinance. The yummy treats were all baked by SNED club members and everything sold out!

University of Pennsylvania

We had an activities fair at Penn on the college green, so we thought of it as the perfect place to set up a Grameen U table asking people to donate via the Text2Give Campaign. Above is a picture of a couple of people asking for the details of the campaign and one of my colleagues from Penn MFC explaining the campaign and urging them to donate.


In support of Grameen America week, the Microfinance Initiative at Bucknell ran a campaign called Spread the Thread. The idea behind the campaign was that just like one dollar can create two, one string can make two. So we distributed blue string bracelets with the message “Wear, Tear, Share”. Simply tie it on your wrist, tear it in half, give it to a friend and you can spread the idea of microfinance one bracelet at a time! All in all the event was a huge success and by the end of the week, half take campus had little blue strings dangling off their wrists!


As a group, we are trying to get "official" club status on campus before we can hold events, but we met to work on getting our club formed as well as brainstorming how we could get the Text4Give campaign out there. We posted on facebook, emailed all our friends, classmates, and professors. More to come!


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