Grameen America on Tour

July 7, 2010 | 5:31 AM


The Lilith Fair Tour kicked off this past weekend and I was on hand representing Grameen America at the show in San Francisco, CA.

Lilith Fair is famous for it’s commitment to promoting women in music but what often gets overlooked is their commitment to supporting notable causes. This year Lilith Fair was generous enough to highlight Grameen America as one of four “exceptional change-making enterprises” for their i4c (I Foresee A Better Tomorrow) campaign. i4c has also helped us by supporting a text to give campaign (yes, this means you ... even if you're not a concert-goer can text i4c to 85944 to donate $10 to Grameen America).

Besides taking in some great performances on the main stage, I was stationed at the Grameen America section in the i4c village. Over the course of the day I met so many great people who were interested in learning about Grameen America’s work. Additionally, Nalgene has offered to include Grameen America materials in every water bottle they sell at the concert (which were quite a few while I was standing there). The response was tremendous and I met so many excited new supporters!

In between sets, the Lilith Crew played a short video produced by ABC Network about Grameen America. It was a great way to showcase the work we have been doing and we hope to continue to do so in the Bay-area starting later this year.

It was so much fun being out in the field and talking to people who are interested and supportive of what we're doing! I can't wait to meet back up with the tour on the east coast!


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