Grameen America on NY1

April 12, 2010 | 1:25 PM


Written by Ashley Seil...

It was an exciting day in the Grameen America Queens branch when NY1, one of the largest news stations in New York City, stopped by to interview branch leaders. Rain came down hard outside as the reporter sat down with Shaw Newaz, branch manager, to discuss what Grameen America has been up to in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Among the many questions that were asked, one touched on the differences between women in Bangladesh and women in New York City, and how these differences affect the success of the Group Lending Model that is associated with the Grameen name. Mr. Newaz, coming from over two decades of experience with the model, stressed the similarities rather than the differences that exist cross culturally between women. The success of the group lending model across many countries of the world is a testament not only to the success of Grameen’s strategy, but also to the idea that there is much universality that exists across cultures today. And while it is important to recognize what makes each culture unique, it is just as important to recognize those similarities that bring individuals from such diverse backgrounds together as one. Grameen America believes that one of these universal similarities is the wish we all have to eliminate poverty worldwide.

After their interview with Mr. Newaz, NY1 headed over to Beauty Nails by Magic R.T., where they interviewed Donaldo Torrenegra, Grameen America Center Manager, and Nellie, who runs her own nail salon with the help of her Grameen America loan. Nellie contributes much of the success of her salon to the opportunity that was given to her by the Grameen America loan. Nellie is a wife and mother to two children and the loan has helped grow her business and provide extra financial support for her family of four.

Grameen America appreciates NY1 and their dedication to spreading the word about microfinance in the New York City area!

See the clip online!


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