Grameen America Day

December 10, 2009 | 1:07 PM


The First Annual Grameen America Day was held yesterday across the United States. The objective was to raise awareness about Grameen America’s efforts to fight poverty and provide economic opportunity in the US. Events took place in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC and Boston. Learn more about them!


Yesterday, we celebrated our first annual Grameen America Day! New York kicked the off the day in style, with four awesome events across the city!

During the day, Grameen America held an all-day event at Lululemon's Union Square location. Grameen America staff members were on hand to share information about our work and mission with customers throughout the day. We had a great time meeting new potential supporters and friends. Thank you to Lululemon for offering your space -- we had a blast spending the day with your team!

At midday, Dan Brodhead, Director of Communications & Strategic Relations gave an informational session for the Net Impact chapter at NYU Stern. It was great to see firsthand how much interest and support there is for domestic microfinance and Grameen America!

In the evening, a group of supporters held a wine tasting at California Wine Merchants. Katy Brodsky, Director of Advocacy & Associate General Counsel was on hand to answer questions about Grameen America's mission. Thank you to our friends for hosting this great event! We closed out the day with a wonderful cocktail event at glassybaby in the West Village. Friends, supporters, and volunteers gathered at this candlelit space to trade stories and discuss future goals. Professor Yunus also joined the festivities with a video webcast thanking our supporters. A big thank you to glassbaby for sharing their gorgeous space for the evening! Also, 10% percent of all proceeds from vessels sold last night went to Grameen America -- and for those of you who were unable to join us last night, the promotion continues though the end of January both in-store and online using the promotion code grameen.
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All in all, the day was an amazing success! Thank you to all of you who were able to join us yesterday!


Happy Grameen America Day! Thanks to everyone who braved the cold last night and made it out to Dupont Circle to celebrate with us. I hope to see all of yesterday's new faces again at the next event!

Grameen America Day was dreamed up as a way to raise awareness and encourage excitement about our work, through lots of small events hosted in cities all over the US. We had a great time at Maddy's, raising a (well-poured!) glass to all that we've accomplished so far, and all that we dream of doing in the future. Thanks for all your hard work, Grameenies! Keep spreading the word :)


The San Francisco Grameen America Day celebration was a phenomenal success! The Bay Area volunteers set up a booth inside the lululemon San Francisco Union Square store to promote awareness about Grameen America. The team gathered donations for the Grameen America Gift a Microloan program. We look forward to the 2010 opening of a Grameen America Bay Area branch and to celebrating our successes in 2010.


The Boston Grameen Day event was a success!

It took place at MIT and young professionals, women entrepreneurs and other members of the microfinance community came together around their shared interest in all of the wonderful things Grameen has accomplished in its two years of microlending. We showed the Grameen video and talked about Grameen’s many achievements in New York City and Omaha. Also, the guests had the opportunity to donate to Grameen or buy the gift of a microfinance loan for friends and family. In return, we had Yunus’ most recent book available for those who donated. It was a wonderful way to meet people and spread the word about Grameen’s successful first two years in the U.S.


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