September 20, 2011 | 3:10 PM

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Lucia is the mother of three and worked as a full-time babysitter for over ten years. Eight years ago she opened up a side business selling Avon beauty products. She started selling Avon products because they are cheap to buy wholesale and local demand is high. Lucia stocks up on beauty products strategically so that she doesn’t have to buy new products for three weeks. She knows her client base well and this system of getting products works perfectly to fit demand in her community. Lucia knows the power of savings and how important it is to keep money aside for her family.

Since her first loan, Lucia has expanded her inventory to include facial creams, perfume, make up, and most recently shoes. With her next loan, she plans to once again increase her inventory of beauty products and purchase clothing fabrics for dresses. Lucia’s dream is to open a clothing store to sell handmade dresses with a space for babysitting in the back—two businesses in one! Lucia wants all women to feel beautiful when they go to a party, and at her store, ladies can drop off their children, and walk out ready for a night they will not forget!


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